Roller Cover

U.S. Patent No. 5,538,120

Want to Gain 5 to 10 Mph?

Install a Lencco Roller Cover on your cat secondary and
you’ll pick up speed. Here’s Why.

(Figure A.)
Note: The Lencco roller cover travels the full length of the helix. (actually beyond what is needed)

(Figure B.)
Note: The rim of the stock roller cover contacts the helix rim. Which causes a “governor” effect. The clutch can not open fully, this results in lost Mph.

(Figure C.)
The Lencco Extender Kit P/N 03-104 is necessary to install the Lencco cover on your 98-06 Non Diamond Drive secondary clutch.

P/N 03-100

The Lencco Cover has a U.S. Patent. Similar design covers may work but have side effects. Whether it be fitting problems, design flaws, performance loss or expensive hardware. The Lencco Cover is still the number one choice.

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