Shim Kit

Adjust your Helix with the LENCCO SHIM KIT
P/N 03-103
For Arctic Cat only.

NOTE: 98 and up Secondary requires P/N 03-100 ROLLER COVER
and P/N 03-104 EXTENDER KIT.

Four custom shims and three bolts are included in this kit. All shims utilize an integral centering hub for easy installation. Donít be fooled by cheap imitations.

Note: Here a shim is installed, notice the starting position of the roller. The duration of the first angle has now been shortened. The roller will now travel to the end of the ramp, Picking up the advertised second angle of the helix.

Note: Here the roller starts at the tip of the helix. It will end up a quarter of an inch shy of the ramp end. The roller will never reach the advertised second angle of the helix.


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