Reed Cage

Hurricane MV Reed Cage

Both work in CARB or EFI.

A comment from one of our customers.

Don from Maiden Rock, Wisconsin Wrote:
“Installed a set Lencco reeds on my F7 03, It increased my RPM by 200 rpm amazing; best addition one could make. Thanks for a great product that works looking forward to my roller shift kit and extenders. Don”

Anatomy of a Hurricane MV Reed Cage.

P/N 07-105 ZR 800, ZR 900, F5, F6, ,F6, F7, F8, F10 After market ZR 1000+, F1000


P/N 07-1046 ZR 440, ZR/ZL 500, ZRT 600, 700, 800
P/N 071048 ZR/ZL 600, T-Cat 900, 1000 T-Cat/TRT 1100+

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